Personalized Cufflinks, a special gift that shows how much you care

Engraved cufflinks on suit

The Story Behind Zaunick

Thoughtfully crafted by hand, Kai Zaunick has been creating custom cufflink masterpieces in his own studio since 2006. Every single piece of jewelry is made to order with the highest grade of noble metals like 925 polished silver and 750 gold. You can rest assured your engraved cufflinks are crafted of superior quality, materials and caring craftsmanship by the owner himself.

High-quality, personalized cufflinks are a sophisticated, one-of-a-kind and always appreciated gift. The stylish and individual touch they add to each suit is ideal for festive occasions like a wedding as well as everyday business attire. Not only would you be gifting excellent quality jewelry, but you are also deepening the heartfelt memories associated with the occasion the recipient wears them to.

The possibilities are endless with Zaunick’s bespoke cufflinks. Choose from a selection of elegant, sophisticated to whimsical designs. Surprise your wedding groomsmen with distinctive engraved cufflinks to commemorate your special day. Lovingly gift your soon-to-be groom with a hand-crafted pair of silver or gold cufflinks engraved with your initials and wedding date. A new job promotion? Gift yourself or a loved one with personalized cufflinks to remember this exciting moment! One thing is for certain, each exceptional set will be cherished with fond memories for years to come.

Adding a Personal Touch

Zaunick’s hand-crafted cufflinks radiate with love when personalized with custom engraving. Take your fine jewelry gift a step beyond to remarkable by adding initials, a personal saying or a date. Whether for a birthday, wedding, Christmas, a new job or any other festive occasion - our custom engraved cufflinks are an extremely thoughtful and unique gift. The recipient will certainly be amazed when they discover their one-of-a-kind design!

Ideal Ways to Customize your Cufflinks

Cufflinks with engraved swivel back

We want you to be creative when imagining your extraordinary custom jewelry gift. Zaunick cufflink customization holds a lot of exciting possibilities to ensure your gift is both memorable and loved. We have a few suggestions on the best ways to personalize your cufflinks for maximum gifting impact. First, the two pieces of jewelry do not have to have the same engraving and each can be decorated with different letters, numbers and/or symbols.

A more subtle way that achieves a timeless and sophisticated look is by only engraving the initials. As “classic” as that may seem, engraving initials into our luxury gold and silver pieces is also very special. Your own initials are as personal as your own fingerprint. If you are gifting the cufflinks, be confident that our beautiful, bespoke cufflinks will be extremely well received.

Engraving with a specific date offers another tried and true way to customize cufflinks. Adding unforgettable dates to the cufflinks allows your gift to be cherished close to the heart. How about enhancing your cufflinks with the meeting, engagement, or wedding date, for example? Other special dates to remember are birthdays, the birth of a child, and anniversaries. Engraving with personal information like a life-changing date will showcase how well you know the recipient and your sentiment towards them.

First names or complete names are especially popular to engrave on our cufflinks. For example, a well-liked technique is to personalize the left and right cufflinks with the first names of each of the spouses. Another stylish way is to engrave the first name of the recipient on the left button and last name can be found on right button. No matter how you choose to personalize the cufflinks, it is a high-quality gift that is sure to impress.

Zaunick offers a variety of fonts to choose from. You can delight in simple block lettering to an heirloom quality script font. In addition to initials, dates and special numbers – you can also have your made-to-order personalized cufflinks engraved with symbols that represent the recipient or the momentous occasion. Depending on the occasion; a heart, a star or an anchor might fit best. You are also able to completely customize by choosing from icons that are reminiscent of the hobby or profession of the person receiving the gift. Perhaps a doctoral hat, a racecar or an airplane? Animal lovers would be thrilled with a little paw and music fans with a musical note, for example. A truly sincere and personal combination of engraving letters, numbers and symbols is also possible. Your wishes and imagination are only limited by the available engraving space.

Combine symbols, numbers and letters

Where Do We Engrave?

The engraving combination of your choice will be applied to the locking bar of our silver or gold cufflinks. Which design(s) you choose is entirely up to you; so, we encourage you to let your creativity flow. We are able to engrave all of our models. Select the perfect design and we will add the personal, engraved touches for you! We take pride in helping you make this an event to remember with exceptionally customized Zaunick Cufflinks!

How to Arrange Customization

Ordering and determining the perfect combination of customization is a very easy process. On our homepage you will find a "Personalize" button next to the pictures of the cufflink models. Select the model of your choice. With one click you can choose between two different gift boxes and the option "Initials on swivel back". Now you are able to design the engraving according to your wishes with letters, numbers and/or symbols. You can decide if you want the same engraving on or different on both buttons. You will be able to see the customization in real-time as we have integrated a preview function to ensure your satisfaction and approval. If you don't like something in the preview, you can change it quickly and easily. We hope you enjoy designing your personalized engraving!

Zaunick Can Engrave Every Design

You have the freedom of choice to browse our entire selection of special cufflinks knowing that each and every one can be personalized the way you wish. Simply choose the model that best suits the recipient: a tennis racket, soccer ball or snowboard for sports fans; a cat, dog or rabbit for animal lovers or a guitar, saxophone or musical clef for music enthusiasts. There is something for every passion in Zaunick's custom cufflink shop!

Best Selling Designs

We are happy to offer you our expertise and suggestions based on our many years of experience on which models are particularly popular with engraving. For a quick reference, click on the “Monogram” section . There you will find our most popular designs with initials. Remember, we can also customize with additional letters, numbers and/or symbols. Most often, the bestselling choice in this “Monogram” category is our timeless silver circle or square models with curved, calligraphy script. It is our commitment to excellence to engrave whatever combination of initials, dates and symbols you wish to ensure your cufflinks are as personal as they can be!

Our designs with micro-initials are also very popular. Here, the engraved letters appear delicate and subtle. This design is ideal for lovers of a more simple, low-key but still elegant look. Those who prefer an option with a little more color to a simpler design should particularly like our model with a colored ring. You can choose between two shades of blue, red and black. Regardless of whether you opt for a timeless model from our monogram category or for a uniquely shaped design; with Zaunick’s personalized engraved cufflinks you are always gifting extremely high-quality, individualized and memorable jewelry.

Additional models can be found in our Monogram category

Special Requests are Welcome

Superior quality cufflinks with individual engraving are a very impressive, personal gift and your thoughts and designs are always welcome! You may have ideas of customization with your company logo or a special family coat of arms in mind. As a manufacturer specializing in first-class cufflinks, we are able to respond to your wishes and give you the best possible advice. We will do our best to accommodate specific ideas and look forward to working alongside you to create a personalized masterpiece to celebrate your occasion. Kindly send us your image or logo via this link. Often, logos or similar have to be adapted for an engraving, we will work out the best options for you and will get back to you as soon as possible with our suggestions. Perfection takes time, please allow up to 2-3 weeks for us to create your ultra-custom design.

Wedding Logos

The most beautiful day in a couple’s life together represents a significant event that will be remembered for eternity. Perhaps the bridal couple has designed a unique joint monogram or logo for your wonderful occasion. The creative symbol for the love of the wedding couple is sure to shine on the stationery as well as on details such as favors and sign posts. It is just as ideal to personalize the cufflinks for the groom, best man, groomsmen, father(s), as well as close family members and friends. Adding a custom wedding logo or monogram on our delicate, high-quality cufflinks will make the perfect gift on your meaningful day.

Family Coat of Arms

Family Crest Cufflinks

Is there a specific coat of arms in your family or ancestry that you would like to pay homage to? This symbol, steeped in history, is ideally suited as an engraving for exceptionally personal cufflinks. Treat yourself and family members to precious jewelry that will always remind you of your heritage. The excitement will not be able to be contained when you gift these extraordinary personalized cufflinks to loved ones.

Company Logos

Enhancing Zaunick’s silver or gold cufflinks with your Company logo is an ideal and appreciated gift, especially for recipients whom wear their cufflinks in professional settings. Subtly and sophisticatedly show your loyalty for your company by wearing your company brand on your cufflinks! Customizing our exquisite cufflinks with your company logo also makes a wonderful gift when promoting or welcoming someone to the team.

Submit your Design

The process is effortless to create and customize your personalized cufflinks with Zaunick. Browse our wide selection of designs in our shop, find your favorite model and personalize to your heart’s desire. Submit your special logo, brand or Family Coat of Arms here. We look forward to viewing your ideas and will implement your design to the best of our ability in the space allowed. Zaunick will make your custom, individual ideas come to life to ensure your thoughtful engraved cufflinks will be truly remarkable.